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Champagne - Not The Be All And End All Of Bubbles

Trafalgar Tavern

“Champagne is simply one of the elegant extras of life.”

So said The Trafalgar Tavern’s own regular patron Charles Dickens. And we totally agree. Sometimes, only a coupe or flute of bubbles will do it. But, back in the mid 1800s, he probably didn’t have access to the incredible range of Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, Cava, Sekt, Spumante etc that we do now, and because we love exploring the various delights that can come from a bottle of bubbles, here’s a little run down of some of our favourites.

Range of sparkling wine on the bar

Prosecco is the delightfully common alternative now, and our Canal Grando is one of the most popular on the market, for good reason. It’s light and fizzy nature lends itself to easy, uncomplicated drinking and its acidity matches tastefully in Aperitivo or Floral combinations for cocktails. With its name protected, much like Champagne is, you can be guaranteed both quality and precision with each glass of this easy going drink.

Sparkling Wine doesn’t have to come from somewhere hot and exotic to be exciting and interesting. Some of the best are grown right here in the UK. For instance, our Blanc De Blancs from Wiston Farm in Sussex is a Multiple Gold Award Winner and held both the Best in Class and Gold Medal in the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championship 2014. Elegant and complete, with great finesse and a long finish, it is the perfect wine made for eating fish and chips whilst overlooking the river.

​As an alternative to traditional sparkling wines, Rosé Brut is the classic choice. Our Gocce Di Favola is made from both Pinot Noir and the indigenous variety Raboso Piave grapes. Raboso Piave is a late ripening variety which produces deeply coloured wines with high acidity and brings a zingy freshness to this blend. The vines are grown in the Treviso province of the Veneto region, where the warm Mediterranean sunshine helps to create the perfect microclimate to produce wines with vibrant, ripe fruit flavours. In every glass, the sunshine comes through and it warms from the inside out.

​Alcoholic content doesn't define a good drink, however. Traditionally at sporting events such as Formula One, winners are given a bottle of Champagne to celebrate with. However, in countries where Alcohol is not part of the culture, such as Bahrain, they are given Waard instead, which is a rosewater and pomegranate drink. Our favourite family friendly sparkler is the Virgin Hugo, which is a refreshing Mint, Elderflower and Lime combination that’s served over soda water and ice. 

But, for when only true Champagne will do, we offer Brut Champagne Collet. It’s bright golden nature has a fine stream of bubbles and complex aromas of white flowers, lemon zest, quince and white peach. Delicate hints of spice, anise and herbs are layered with rich notes of puff pastry. A refreshing palate with gentle bubbles, a balanced texture and a wonderful crunch of freshness on the finish help to make every glass truly special, and it certainly sets the tone for any occasion.



champagne flutes in guests hands at a wedding

If this blog has got your palate tingling, make sure to book a table with us and quaff a glass or two over a sharing platter!